Arestin® Gum Treatment in Wolcott, CT

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, damages your gums and can even destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Taking care of your gums at home and with routine visits is highly important for patients with gum disease. Arestin gum treatment can help treat moderate to severe periodontal disease patients to achieve a healthier smile. Please contact us to learn more about our gum disease treatment in Wolcott, CT!

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What is Arestin treatment?

Arestin is an antibiotic applied directly into gum pockets right after the scaling and root planing procedure. While scaling and root planing effectively remove plaque and tartar, the process often fails to reach into deeper parts of the gum pockets. Arestin, which is a powder, is locally applied so it can work where it is needed effectively to provide long-term action and kill new bacteria while encouraging healing.

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How is Arestin applied?

Every treatment plan is customized based on each patient’s periodontal disease severity. Our team will first assess your teeth and gums to create a treatment plan that will help encourage a healthier smile. When it comes to receiving Arestin gum treatment, the Arestin will be applied in the gum pockets after plaque and tartar are removed. Arestin is only applied in the infected areas.

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How long does it take for Arestin to take effect?

The main advantage of Arestin for periodontal disease is that Arestin starts working quickly! Arestin will remain in the gum pockets long after you leave our office by continuing to fight infection in the gums for at least two weeks. However, healing from gum disease will take time, depending on the depth of your pockets and on how many pockets need treatment. It’s important to follow our treatment instructions to encourage results that can provide successful treatment.

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