Fluoride Dental Treatments in Wolcott, CT

Fluoride treatments are a great preventive treatment that can make it easier to protect teeth from tooth decay between visits to your dentist. Fluoride is a vital mineral that helps to keep your tooth enamel resilient and strong. Preventive treatments like fluoride can be especially effective in helping young children protect their smiles while they learn good oral hygiene practices. If you or your family need preventive fluoride treatments, call Dental Health Associates today to schedule an appointment!

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How Do Fluoride Treatments Work?

The treatment is applied to the teeth through a gel, solution, varnish, or wash. The exact application method will depend on the type of fluoride treatment your dentist deems most reliable for your smile. The amount of fluoride in this professional treatment is significantly higher in your toothpaste or tap water. Thus, professional fluoride treatments give your teeth a concentrated boost of preventive protection.

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What Do Fluoride Treatments Do?

Fluoride treatments introduce a high dose of restorative fluoride to teeth. This gives teeth the minerals they need to repair early-stage tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel in minutes. When used in combination with proper at-home oral care, fluoride treatments can prevent costly dental procedures in the future by helping to keep teeth cavity and tartar free.

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Who Should Get Fluoride Treatments?

The most common recipients of fluoride treatments are children, given their proclivity for cavities, but anyone who is at an increased risk for cavities may benefit from a fluoride treatment. This includes adults who are at an increased risk of cavities from certain illnesses or diseases or struggle with oral care for other reasons.

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