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Any dental problem that requires immediate assistance, like a dislodged tooth or an unbearable toothache, is considered a dental emergency. Should you or someone in your household need to see an emergency dentist in Wolcott as soon as possible, our team at Dental Health Associates is here to assist. We provide prompt and effective emergency dental services that will have you smiling big again in no time! If you are currently experiencing an emergency, please give our office a call right away to schedule a visit with an experienced emergency dentist.

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What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are any situations that require a same-day dental appointment. If you’re not sure whether or not you need to see an emergency dentist right away, feel free to call our office. Common dental emergencies include:

  • Unbearable Tooth or Mouth Pain
  • Excessive Dental Swelling or Bleeding
  • Cracked, Broken, or Dislodged Tooth
  • Loose Adult Teeth
  • Dental Abscesses
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What can I do about my tooth pain?

If your tooth pain is mild to moderate and comes and goes, we will still want to examine the tooth to identify and treat the problem, but not necessarily immediately. There are many remedies that can be used to treat tooth pain at home in addition to ice packs and over-the-counter medications, like swishing with a warm saltwater rinse. If your pain ever increases and becomes unbearable or it increases and then suddenly stops entirely, please make an emergency appointment with our team.


Should I visit an emergency dentist or the emergency room?

When a dental-related emergency strikes, many patients will head to the ER instead of an emergency dentist. Unfortunately, emergency rooms are typically not well equipped to handle tooth and gum-related issues, and they can only offer pain medication and a referral to an emergency dentist. If you have any other injuries that are more serious than your dental emergency, however, you will want to visit the ER first before coming to our office. Not sure what to do? Feel free to give our team a quick call, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Should I see an emergency dentist for a broken tooth?

Breaking a tooth can be scary, and you should plan on seeing a dentist immediately or in the very near future to take care of the problem before the tooth becomes more damaged or an infection occurs. If you are bleeding profusely or in a great amount of pain, please make an immediate appointment with our team. After collecting any pieces of the broken tooth, rinse your mouth out with a warm saltwater rinse, and hold a cold compress to the side of your face. Then, give our office a call to receive more specific instructions based on your situation.