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Benefits of Athletic Mouthguards

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Did you know that there are different types of mouthguards? Some mouthguards are made to stop teeth grinding during sleep and others can treat TMJ dysfunction or sleep apnea. A custom athletic mouthguard is an oral appliance specifically crafted for athletes. Whether you’re playing soccer or competing in martial arts, a sports mouthguard comfortably protects your smile from trauma.

The chances of experiencing a knocked-out or chipped tooth are high if you participate in competitive, high-contact sports or activities. This risk can be greatly reduced with an athletic mouthguard. However, the reduced risk of mouth injury isn’t the only benefit a mouthguard offers!

Less Risk of Concussion

While athletic mouthguards protect the mouth, teeth, and jaw from dental damage, they are also effective in reducing the severity of concussions by absorbing some forces that may impact the face.

Reduced Cost of Future Dental Treatments

A hit to the face, a bad fall, or a collision with another participant can cause a wide variety of dental issues. An athletic mouthguard costs relatively less than an injury that could require extensive repair and/or multiple dental visits.

How to Care for an Athletic Mouthguard

Avoid chewing or grinding on your mouthguard, rinse it off before and after each use, and safely store it when not in use. Caring for your athletic mouthguard will help it stay in clean and good condition. It will also ensure it is effective in protecting your smile when you need it to.

Get a Protective Sports Mouthguard in Wolcott, CT

A mouthguard can be an easily overlooked piece of protective equipment when it comes to sports. However, it is one of the most important pieces of gear you could invest in. At Dental Health Associates, our team can create a custom athletic mouthguard for your sport. Contact our team to set up an appointment today!


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