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Is My Teen Ready for Invisalign?

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Back in the day, getting metal braces was the only way to straighten crooked or gapped teeth. At the turn of the twenty-first century, however, clear aligner therapy was introduced.

Invisalign, the most well-known clear aligner option, has grown more and more popular over the last couple of decades. It’s not hard to see why! The clear plastic aligners are less noticeable and more comfortable than traditional metal braces. That said, there are some considerations to keep in mind before signing your teenager up for Invisalign.

Have All of Your Teen’s Adult Teeth Come In?

The main physical factor when determining if a teenager is a good candidate for Invisalign is whether or not they have all of their permanent adult teeth. Otherwise, they may benefit from a different early-intervention orthodontic treatment, like a space maintainer, palatal expander, or other form of braces, to help make more room in their mouth for all their teeth.

Is Your Teen Forgetful?

Does your teen lose their keys or misplace their phone regularly? If so, it may not be time for Invisalign. Because the plastic aligners must be removed when eating throughout the day, your teen must keep track of where they are at all times. The last thing you want is for your kid’s Invisalign trays to end up in the cafeteria garbage can or eaten by the dog.

Does Your Teen Practice Good Dental Hygiene?

When using Invisalign, it’s important to keep your mouth squeaky clean by brushing after every meal and snack so that food particles don’t get trapped against your teeth by the aligner trays. If your teen is lax when it comes to dental hygiene and doesn’t brush frequently enough, it could lead to issues like discoloration and warping of their aligners, bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.

Is Your Teen Committed To Wearing Their Invisalign?

Invisalign must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day. But because they are so easily removed, it’s tempting to frequently take them off and forget to put them back in for several hours. Your teen needs to understand that they must wear their Invisalign trays nearly all day for them to be effective, otherwise they may not see results.

Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy in Wolcott, CT

If, based on your answers to these questions, you think your teen is ready for Invisalign, schedule a consultation with us! Our team at Dental Health Associates will talk you and your teenager through the considerations surrounding Invisalign to help you determine if it’s the right orthodontic path for them.


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