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How to Know If You Need a Root Canal

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Tooth infections, which are usually a result of untreated decay or dental trauma, pose a serious risk to your oral health. We utilize root canal therapy to remove the infection and save the outer structure of your natural tooth. During this treatment, we drill a tiny hole in your tooth, clean out the infected tissue, seal the hole, and reinforce your tooth with a dental crown.

If you experience the following, you may need root canal therapy:

Bad breath

The bacteria that cause infections produce strong odors. If you’re struggling with bad breath that just won’t go away, no matter how much you brush or use mouthwash, you could be dealing with an infection. Are you also tasting something bitter, metallic, or salty? You might have an abscess, which is a pocket of pus caused by an infection.

Tooth sensitivity

Are you noticing more tooth sensitivity when you drink very cold or hot liquids? Or when you eat something sweet or sour? Sensitivity can feel like a sudden, sharp sensation that may linger for a while. Worn tooth enamel and tooth decay can also result in increased sensitivity. Make an appointment at Dental Health Associates if you notice your teeth feel more sensitive than usual.

Intense tooth pain

A tooth infection can cause a constant, throbbing toothache that spreads to your jaw, head, and even your neck, as well as pain when you bite down or chew. If you’re experiencing severe pain, it’s a dental emergency and you need professional care from an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Root canals at Dental Health Associates in Wolcott, CT

Most people are nervous about root canals, but thanks to modern dentistry techniques, they’re safe and pain-free! They relieve the agony of infections and let you keep your natural tooth. If you have questions about root canals or think you might need one, please reach out today to our friendly team at Dental Health Associates!


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