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Post-Op Recovery for Root Canal Surgery

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Got a root canal procedure coming up? Root canals are routine procedures with a pretty quick and easy recovery period. Still, it’s always good to be prepared for a comfortable recovery, no matter how basic the procedure is. In this post, we’ll offer some tried and true tips to get you feeling good in no-time.

Ease the Pain

While you won’t find yourself dealing with a lot of pain in the wake of your procedure, we can’t guarantee that the recovery will be completely painless. You may deal with some pain and sensitivity after the numbness wears off. If you have your basic over-the-counter pain medications ready to go, you should be able to keep comfortable.

Watch What You Eat

In the direct aftermath of your procedure, you’ll want to be careful when eating. It’s best to avoid chewing using the area of the mouth where the procedure took place. Also, stay away from hard and crunchy foods for the first few days post-procedure. Choose soft foods with mild flavors.

Gentle Brushing

While you never want to brush too hard, it’s especially important after you’ve had a root canal or any other procedure. That doesn’t mean you can skip out on your oral care while you recover. Just be sure to be gentle and mindful of the affected area when you care for your teeth in the coming days.

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