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Truths About Teeth Whitening Claims

April 29, 2022 2:26 am | Published by |

In this modern age, marketing is all around us. Surf the internet, scroll through Facebook, or watch a YouTube video, and it won’t take long to see targeted ads based on your recent browsing history. You’ll likely pass at least one billboard on your way to the store or work. Additionally, your home mailbox and email inbox may regularly receive flyers and notices for the latest sales, services, and products in your area.

With so much information to take in, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide which services and products are actually useful to your life. This is especially true when you’re trying to maintain a reasonable budget and save for retirement.

With so many people wanting a bright smile, there has been an explosion of products related to teeth whitening. While we aren’t experts in other industries, we can share a couple of truths about commonly advertised whitening products:

The Advertised Results of Teeth Whitening Strips Are Exaggerated

Those who want to boost the color of their teeth a few shades whiter may have considered picking up a box of whitening strips at their local drugstore or grocery store. If you do, don’t expect a miracle treatment or even significant results. Some teeth whitening strips can reduce the appearance of surface stains, but the results will be minimal. A store-bought product just can’t deliver the same kind of results as a professional teeth whitening treatment that utilizes a higher concentration of bleaching agents. Furthermore, whitening strips can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Whitening Toothpaste Will Remove Plaque But Not Deep Stains

Some whitening toothpastes can mildly lift surface-level stains, but not much more than other toothpastes. The product isn’t able to be in contact with your teeth long enough to make a big difference in color. Anyone with deep stains is going to be disappointed by the results. To address deep-set stains, you’ll need professional teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. However, most fluoridated toothpastes will help reduce your risk of tooth decay.

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